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              Business fields

              The Fujifilm Group aspires to contribute to the resolution of societal issues and impart new value to society through our business. We work to grow alongside society and fulfill our corporate social responsibilities through the ongoing provision of superior products and services in the four sectors of Healthcare, Materials, Business Innovation, and Imaging.


              As a total healthcare company, we develop a wide range of businesses in the three areas of "Prevention", "Diagnosis", and "Treatment". We are contributing to the health of people around the world by responding to unmet medical needs, early detection of diseases, and support for the development and manufacture of innovative vaccines and pharmaceuticals.


              We work as a total healthcare company to provide diverse products and services such as medical devices, bio CDMO (biomedical Contract Development and Manufacturing Organization), pharmaceutical, regenerative medicine, and life sciences (cosmetics and supplements) in the three areas of Prevention, Diagnosis and Treatment.


              In the Materials field, we are working on environmental issues such as promoting resource recycling and responding to climate change, by improving industrial efficiency and promoting ICT in society.

              [image] Advanced Materials
              Advanced Materials

              We develop and sell materials for all industrials, including display and touch panel, semiconductor and image sensor, and functional film materials.

              [image] Graphic Systems & Inkjets
              Graphic Systems & Inkjets

              We provide products and services such as inkjet digital presses and printing plates for printing industries, as well as industrial inkjet-related products and inkjet heads.

              [image] Recording Media
              Recording Media

              We provide the storage media and archiving services needed to save and manage ever-growing digital data volumes.

              Business Innovation

              In the business innovation field, we contribute to solving our customers’ business challenges by providing products and services that support work style innovation and digital transformation.

              [image]Office Solutions
              Office Solutions

              We provide office equipment such as multi-function devices and printers, as well as a variety of solutions and services for the businesses of various size, from large to small-and-medium.

              [image]Business Solutions
              Business Solutions

              We provide problem-solving document services tailored to diverse business formats and roles, including system integration, cloud service, business process outsourcing, and more.


              In the field of Imaging, we give form to a wide range of memories and events through film and photographs, and contribute to richer emotional lives and stronger human connections, while also advancing the creation of a safer society.

              [image] Photo Imaging
              Photo Imaging

              Fujifilm provides products and services from input through output, from color films to instant cameras, developing and printing systems, color paper, photo printing services, and more.

              [image] Optical Device & Electronic Imaging
              Optical Device and Electronic Imaging

              In addition to mirrorless digital cameras with uniquely high image quality thanks to our proprietary color reproduction technologies, we also provide TV and cinema lenses, surveillance camera, industrial lenses for production line inspection, and projectors.

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