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              Sustainability Report

              Environmental Communication Meetings

              Each Fujifilm Factory provides opportunities for neighboring residents to proactively engage in dialogue about the environment. Opinions received from local residents are incorporated into our environmental conservation activities.

              Despite the ongoing difficulties in holding communal events due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we will continuously strive to provide opportunities for communication while considering more effective methods through consultation with community associations in each region.

              Activities at Main Fujifilm Factories

              Kanagawa Factory, FUJIFILM Corporation

              At the explanatory meeting of our environmental conservation activities to Nakanuma Residents' Association, we gave explanations on our environmental efforts at the Kanagawa Factory to the community association for residents living near the factory and exchanged opinions.

              [picture]Environmental Dialogue Meetings(Kanagawa Factory)

              Fujinomiya Factory, FUJIFILM Corporation

              At the Ohnakazato District Environmental Communication Meeting, in addition to explaining the environmental conservation efforts to the people in the community and those from the prefectural and city government offices, we also offer product information, visits to environmental facilities, and conduct experiments on wastewater treatment, as part of our efforts to communicate with these parties.

              [picture]Environmental Dialogue Meetings(Fujinomiya Factory)

              Yoshida-Minami Factory, FUJIFILM Corporation

              We have meetings about environmental safety activities for the officers of the local community association and in addition to explaining the details of the activities at the Yoshida-Minami Factory, we also have Q&A sessions, and then we provide to deepen communication with local residents.

              [picture]Environmental Dialogue Meetings(Yoshida-Minami Factory)

              Environmental Communication Meeting by 4 Group Companies

              4 companies in the Fujifilm Group (FUJIFILM Corporation, FUJIFILM Business Innovation Corp., FUJIFILM Manufacturing Corp. and FUJIFILM Healthcare Manufacturing Corporation) jointly hold an Environmental Communication Meeting in Kaisei town, Kanagawa Prefecture.

              In addition to providing explanations on our activities to the local community, we also exchange opinions with it.

              In 2021, we gave up holding face-to-face dialogue due to the COVID-19 situation, but we circulated documentation about environmental activities performed by 4 companies to local community and answered individually to the questions.

              For other activities by FUJIFILM Manufacturing Corp., please see the following page.

              FUJIFILM Manufacturing Corp. conducts a variety of activities in addition to the joint activities of these four companies in the above Kaisei area.

              [picture]Environmental Presentation (Kaisei, Kanagawa)

              Environmental Presentation (Kaisei, Kanagawa)

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